The barrier between us by Chantel Chisiri

January 10, 2023
Amplify Girls Voices

Just because she kept quiet

It does not mean she said yes!

And your refusal to hear her

Won't silence her plea or make it right


Your assault has become a cancer, mutating her very cells into poison

Almost immediately her confidence declines

The endless tears and unspoken words punch her from the inside

The purity of the bond sullied in the most violent of ways

Trust broken beyond any redemption

Her safe haven became her toxic hell


I heard her scream, I saw her cry but most of all I felt her pain

I felt the three finger marks bruising her left cheek and the four painted on her right

I felt the shame welling in her heart as the circle of patriarchs around her kept chanting 'silence is golden.'

Or at least he still pays the bills, bekezela

Adding salt to the wound, strangling the little life left in her with their victim blaming

What future do you expect when all you've done is suppress the present?

Let not your silence be a barrier to her justice.

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