Stacey Matarise

Stacey Matarise is a girl aged 17 who wrote her O level last year at Nketa high school and is in love with arts. She is also an actress, poet and she likes singing and dancing. Her love for arts started when she was in form 1 and that was 2017 and she is still as excited and in love, as she was 4 years ago. Stacey is also a feminist and believes in women's power but does not believe in empowerment because empowered means given and if someone can give it means they can also take so she believes in owning the power because it means it's hers and she have rights over it. Stacey does not believe that women are inferior and it is time for them to break the silence. Stacey is also about to pursue a diploma in social work which is something she is passionate about because she loves to give a helping hand and is also a people person.


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