Nesipho Zamaswazi

Nesipho Zamaswazi Tshabalala is a 20-year-old lady who is a girls and children’s rights activist. Her activism journey started in 2019 when she attended an event hosted by Zimgirlcode. Nesipho has been working towards starting a non-profit organization named “Thoughts of a healing heart” as a way of helping young disadvantaged girls through technology. The organization would be addressing issues to do with anxiety and depression. She is still in the process of creating a website for the organization that will offer free counseling to young girls. Nesipho also writes and collects motivational pieces, main poetry from local and international writers that address mental health, depression, and anxiety. Nesipho has worked as a volunteer at and has come across girls who have gone through mental health difficulties with no one to talk to or help them and she feels like her organization can help in situations like those. Nesipho has participated in Models of the United Nations where she managed to run pad drives, together with other young women. She has also been featured by Orap for her girl's and women's empowerment efforts.


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