Chelesile Mpofu

Chelesile Mpofu is a 21-year-old actress, and student at trust academy studying telecommunications. She fell in love with acting when she was 17 years old. The love grew stronger with time. Acting came in as a form of a pain killer in her life, for a second, minute, or hour when she’s on stage or behind the camera it feels like an escape from reality and personal problems. Chelesile is also a feminist and believes in women empowerment, she believes in emancipated women, women who are determined to achieve, women who go against all odds in order to get on top of the ladder. As a young lady who was raised by a single mother, she believes her mother has proven to her that women are the strongest link in this entire world. Today, she stands hoping and wishing to be the voice for every voiceless whether it be an infant, toddler, teenager, young adult, and adults even grannies because she believes everyone needs to be heard.


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